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Side Stream Filtration Cooling Tower

Side stream filtration means a filter system which draws water from and returns it to a reservoir of water in the cooling loop, completely independent of the cooling water recirculation system. Usually, that reservoir of water is the basin of the cooling tower or sometimes it may be a chilled water storage reservoir in the cooling loop.


  1. Reduced Corrosion Rates
    Since solids are removed from the system, the corrosion inhibitor will lay down its protective film on clean rather than dirty surfaces, thereby reducing corrosion rates and increasing equipment life.

  2. Better Chemical ControlWhen used with good chemical treatment, the filter will keep the system much cleaner, and, as a result, the need for mechanical cleaning of exchangers and sumps is reduced. Thus reduced maintenance cost.

  3. Increased Equipment Life
    A cleaner system means better heat-transfer rates for longer periods of time. In some cases, the removal of suspended solids from the circulating water allows higher cycle.

  4. Better System Efficiency
    Large biological growths and dead organisms are removed with a side stream filter. This reduces chlorine demand and makes non oxidizing biocides more effective.

Silica Comparator

Careful monitoring and controlling the quantity of silica  provides the most significant opportunity to conserve water in cooling tower operations.


we use colour comparator test method to judge the silica contents in the water, we try to maintain it  depending on the system configuration and requirement.


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