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Rain Water Harvesting

It means capturing rain where it falls or capturing the run off in your premises. And taking measures to keep that water clean by not allowing polluting activities to take place in the catchment.

Therefore, water harvesting can be undertaken through a variety of ways :

  • Capturing runoff from rooftops
  • Capturing runoff from local catchments
  • Capturing seasonal floodwaters from local streams
  • Conserving water through watershed management

Direct Benefit of Rain Water Harvestig :

  • Saves consumption of Ground Water Usage During the period
  • We get better quality of water for make up of our cooling towers (Reduced consumption of chemicals)
  • Thus reduce usage of Ro Plant & Softner (operating cost of plant)
  • Direct cost of water – Borewell pump power & Cost of water if coming from external source
  • Improved quality of water for round the year usage (Reduced load on utility plant & at the same time reduced consumption of chemicals)  

Other Benefits of Rain Water Harvesting

  • Increase groundwater recharge
  • Reduce stormwater discharges, urban floods and overloading of sewage treatment plants
  • Reduce seawater ingress in coastal areas
  • Provide irrigation water


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