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Plumbing Design & Installation

1. Edge Of Under Standing

We exactly know when & where & FOR WHAT PURPOSE plastic industry needs water. We know importance of water treatment in different cooling system in moulds Machines & Auxillaries.

2. Providing Total Solution

Right System Design, Equipment Selection coupled with Right Water Treatment is the Key in Improving System Performance as offering chemicals or plants Alone cannot give Desired results.

3. On Site Erection & Commissioning

We do not leave any stone unturned to satisfy the plastic industry customer. With our vast experience & knowledge Dedicated specifically to the PLASTIC INDUSTRY we complete our job on time with minimum involvement of our customers-once we take responsibility we arrange for EVERYTHING right from System design to material procurement, installation & commissioning with testing, making things available on time.


1. Simple Power Saving Designing

2. Equal flow and pressure at all points in system

3. Designing as per vendors moulding requirement

4. Almost maintenance Free System

5. Correct Pump Selection



  Water Treatment Plant &    Equipments
  Side Stream Filtration for
   Cooling Tower

  Rain Water Harvesting



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